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Company registration in Poland

It is not only motto of our company but philosophy. If you try to manage a lot of different processes together you will not succed in either. That is why our lawyers working in one area — to do it perfect. Concentration and great experience give a result. Every day, our lawyers follow the latest legislation, to always keep up with the law. Our clients get maximum attention from our assistants and high quality services from our lawyers. Hundreds of succesful cases shows that, our reputation is the most valuable thing which we have and we understand that our reputation is the result of our work with clients, that is why if you contact us you will be satisfied.


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Władysław is expert lawyer with more than 20 years proffesional experience. One day he realised what the client really want from lawyer — understandable words, quality of services and speed. Also he understand how to combine these things in one service: learn one field on max. So he did and bring it to all his colleagues. Władysław is convinced that such type of making business is a win-win situation as for his team as for a clients.



Head Lawyer

Gryzelda was one of the first lawyers in our team and year after year she works on high level and provide high quality services. She personally control all the cases of clients and advice her colleagues if necessary, she guarantees quality. The most individual cases she takes upon herself. Gryzelda is a top lawyer in company formation area and she ready to prove it again by serving you.


We have a hundreds of satisfied Clients, let them speak for us



I am almost 17 years in car dealing international business and I thought it is impossible to surprise me, but your team did! It was a great experience to work with you, guys, wish you good luck!




Thank you for your cooperation, especially in accountant consultation, my business now become international and I didn’t expect it would be so easy with your help, I will recommend you to all my partners exactly!